Abortion is the resistance of parents especially women to the cultural and economic slavery and oppression of capitalism. Whether they are conscious of it or not, anti-abortionists, especially organized religionists, are reactionary. They collude with the immoral ruling class who are not really interested in prosperity for the masses, the well being of the people, but think first about sustaining present conditions which means maintaining a reserve army of labor that capitalists can exploit. Even if some anti-abortionists are sincere, they inevitably end up in the same bed with the worst reactionaries who kill men, women, and children by millions and weep crocodile tears over the fetuses aborted by women who cannot support or tolerate child raising in this immoral society, who do not wish their children to be raised and then put at the mercy of an immoral ruling class. When a woman refuses to have a baby it is an indictment of an immoral society and this makes reactionaries and religionists cringe.