Religion was at one time (many years ago) a necessary stage of development through which humans passed. It taught humans their bond to nature, morality. Religionists try to hold on to this stage of development to protect their status and power in society. They refuse to progress to a higher stage; they become reactionary.

Religion has long since become reactionary, moribund. While the lesson of religion was originally to show us our connection with nature and enable us to act in this light, it has now become a collection, an organization of reactionaries who promote not human bonding with nature, but separation from nature or what they call the supernatural. Reactionary and moribund religion promotes worship which does not connect the people to God, but on the contrary cuts them off from God. True religion is our internalized connection with nature. Someone with religion has within themselves responsibility, truth, goodness; they do not have to go outside themselves and set up an organization to accomplish this. As an example, the ten commandments show us how to act in alignment with nature. Once we learn this lesson, it becomes part of us and we can move on to higher forms of development; we don't have to set up a whole culture of rituals and customs (organized religion) to get us to practice these fundamental laws of nature. If however there is an emergency where the people are suppressed, exploited, and killed as they are now by the fascist imperialists then humanity falls back temporarily on religion to support them. But religious leaders must never fool themselves into thinking that they know what's best for the people. For this, religious leaders must turn to communists and scientific communism. When fascist imperialism is finally dismantled, then there will be less and less need for organized religion; humanity will bring democracy into the workplace (socialism) and then transform the planet into a one-world family commune (communism).

Moribund religionists teach worship which reduces humans to the status of creatures, not creators. Humans manifest, represent nature; they are not its products. We are one with nature, partners, comrades with it; this is the essence, the revolutionary meaning of religion which all the spiritual masters teach. The ideology of worship fits in well with reactionary capitalism which wants wants the people to remain docile, subservient, creatures who willingly let them (the religionists and capitalists) do the “creating.” Capitalism, which along with religion has lost its revolutionary energy, colludes with religionists to keep the people submissive so that they can continue to exploit them. Worshiping makes fools and docile slaves of us all and religionists and big-brother capitalists are more than happy and ready to step in and tell us who and what we are and what we should do. All immoral politicians promote organized religion and moribund capitalism. Communists oppose organized religion; they are for separation of church and state.